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You have friends that knit and you need to get them a present, so you decide to you want to get them something to do with knitting but have no idea what to get them.

You could get them some yarn to make a scarf, but you’ll need to know what content yarn you want, what weight and how much you need for it and you’ll realise its a whole load of hassle and decide to choose something that’s knitting-related that can be worn at all times, like this cute little knitting charm filled bracelet.

These bracelet has beautifully made natural stone beads. Each bead is ever so slightly different to give it an interesting pattern and will always be different for each bracelet. Alternatively they can also have beautiful bright blue glass beads that will make the bracelet stand out by miles. The bracelets have 3 different charm. Each charm shows a few of the important steps for making a knitted garment, a spinning wheel, knitting in progress and a cotton reel to sew up.

Either bracelet will be a beautiful addition to any knitter arm glistening bright or showing beautiful natural colours when they knit.

Each bracelet is about 19cm/7inch long or about 5.5cm/2inch in diameter. Both types of bracelets have clear elastic that is tied tightly making it easy getting them on and off again, without fear of it coming undone.

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