Ammonite fossil necklace


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Every fish or fossil fan will love this ammonite fossil necklace.

The simple design of the spiral represents the sea creatures, ammonite, that lived with the dinosaurs. It’s probably the most recognised fossil.

The pendant hangs on a brown suede cord to keep with the beach theme. For the fastening we’ve used a lobster clasp.


The fixtures used that include, lobster clasp, jump rings, leather crimps and the pendant use a silver plated copper metal. Because of this the product could potentially become tarnished. Most of the time they just need a little clean.

Working with the group Fish Fan-atics to create jewellery pieces to show off your love of fish and all other sea life.

Our fish loving friends encourage you to join them for fishy fun, helpful advice and just plain showing off your fish!  Fish fan-atics

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